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School Policies
School - School Policies

School Policies

  • Students shall come to school on time and be neatly dressed in proper school uniform.
  • No student shall leave the classroom without permission.
  • Students moving to other class rooms, must walk silently and in a queue.
  • In order to acquire a good command over English language which is the medium of instruction for all subjects, students must converse in English in the school premises.
  • No monetary collection for any purpose may be made in the school without the prior permission of the Principal.
  • Utmost care must be taken of the school property and no student shall scratch on or spoil the desks/chairs or damage any school property. A hefty penalty shall be charged from the parents/guardians.
  • Running and shouting in the school campus is prohibited. When using staircase and corridors, all students must walk to the left. Walking or standing around the admin block or the reception is not allowed.
  • Students are not allowed to leave the school campus without the prior permission of the Principal.
  • No evaluation test will be held for the absentee students before or after the scheduled time. No re-evaluation will be allowed.
  • No students is allowed to bring any colour or throw colour on any person within the school premises during the festival of Holi and crackers are not allowed in the school during Diwali. Any child found in possession of colours/crackers in the school premises shall be liable for disciplinary action.
  • Students are not permitted to bring Mobile Phones, Ipods and Cameras to the school.
  • No half days are permitted for any reason except in case of an emergency. In that case, parents need to submit an application and personally visit school to take student from the school.
  • Students should bring all the books and notebooks as per time-table. For security reasons no Tiffin boxes/water bottles or any other articles will be accepted at the reception for delivery to the students.
  • Any communication sent from the school should be conveyed to the parents promptly by the students. Parents must meet the teachers only by prior appointment and with the permission of the Principal.
  • Before leaving the classroom at the end of the day student should arrange the desks and chairs in proper order, switch off the lights and fans, close the windows, throw the waste paper and unwanted materials in the dustbin and then leave the classroom.
  • No child, suffering from any infectious disease will be allowed to attend the school until he/she cured of the infection.
  • Do not send expensive gifts and sweets on birthdays or any other festivals.
  • The Principal has full authority to rusticate the child if he or she is found to resort to rank indiscipline.
  • Every student should take care of his/her personal belongings School authorities will not be responsible for loss of any belongings.
  • A student must extend due courtesy and respect to all staff members. Respect for elders and affection for juniors should be a norm in the school. Refinement in behavior should distinguish every pupil of the school. Every child is expected to uphold the name and honour of the school.
  • Students should be habitually clean and neatly dressed. The school uniform is to be worn on all school days and on all occasions or functions organized by the school. Including school PTM’s also.
  • Observe order and decorum befitting the occasion.
  • Students must not bring any sharp instrument to the school.
  • Parents are requested to give homemade food to their ward. Junk food is not allowed in the school.