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School Clubs
School - Clubs

School Clubs

Clubs are so vital because they are the ultimate In experiential learning for students, giving them the leadership and power to make their own decisions. Clubs help students to learn new skills, getting better at time management, gaining experience that could help them in future and the most important thing that is improving confidence.

Individual Commitment to a group effort that is what makes a team work.

The pillars of Aarambh (School debating Society) 2020-21. If it wasn’t the part of school clubs, Aarambh would be an empty vessel. The members give it its soul and strength.

It is better to debate a questions without setting it than to settle a question without debating it.

The best debates aim to learn from, not win their debating experiences.

Motivate yourself with the knowledge you will gain from the debate specifically from the alternate angles you are interacting with. Regardless of who win the debate both debaters will have the chance to better their abilities as expert communicators. To enhance the working ability of this society MUN has been introduced among students.

Model United Nations is an extra- curricular activity in which students typically role-play delegates to the United Nations and simulate UN committees. It is an academic activity in which students can learn about diplomacy, international relations and United Nations. This club has a fairly simple mission –“Make Every Delegate the Best Delegate”.

Eco Club in school will empower students to take part in meaningful environmental activities and create awareness of biodiversity conservation and local environmental issue among children.

It will empower students to explore environmental concepts and action beyond the confines of a syllabus or curriculum while everyone, everywhere asserts the importance of ‘Learning to Live sustainably. It also motivate students to imbibe habits and life style for minimum waste generation source separation of waste and disposing the waste to the nearest storage point.

Our School believes in valuing and preserving the rich heritage of our country. Our club hopes to create awareness and a sense of belonging among students and inculcate in young minds a feeling for the country, with people belonging to different religion living amicably for centuries together. The rich tradition of tolerance perseverance plurality and assimilation have kept the identity of the country intact. Keeping these values in mind the school heritage club works as a torch Bears for all the students of school. This club is meant for the students of classes V-X. Where the students participate and learn the cultural values, love for country and helped in maintaining national integration of the country through their visits to different places.

To improve and bring out the hidden Mathematical talents of the students, to provide a platform for discussing new methods of learning and teaching Mathematics.

The students of the club work as a team and perform many application based activities and project on various concepts. In the club, the students also prepare for the Olympiads in a competitive spirit by encouraging each other to attempt various application based problems. To inculcate the interest for the Maths activities like Nambola will be planned for students to make club fear free.

The science club is the place for students who are interested in science to learn about all scopes of science from medicine to chemistry to physics to the environment. Trips are taken to museums, planetarium and state parks. The objective of this club is to give students a stage where they can do as many projects and researches as possible from this students acquire basic knowledge of science and to help students develop a scientific way of learning

Yoga is the journey of the self, to the self through the self.

Striving on the motto “Healthy Life, Productive Life, I’m happy, I will make others happy”.

To promote and encourage a balanced development of the physical, mental and spiritual being. This was a great opportunity to imbibe the value of discipline and the students got the chance to showcases how Yoga embodies unity of mind and body. Meditation is good for overall health. It is a practice which controls an individual’s mind, body and soul. It is a practice that needs to be carried everyday. It is all together a rejuvenating experience for all the students to promote this club.

Art and Craft just fit in together. They are different process of course, but hold the same meaning. “Creation”.

Art involves an unstructured activity where children can explore and create anything with their imagination however craft involves a structured activity where children create something keeping their goal in mind.

In simple language, they both hold the meaning of creation. With the help of this club. Students have a gala time, learning and developing in an essential way while making something creative but in a beautiful way. Children derive important advantages from working in art and craft projects therefore having an art and craft club in the school proves to be a benefit to the students. As it is about encouraging nurturing and showering every child’s natural creative flair and developing their fine motor skills.

The Literary club is a place where students can meet to read and write. It is based upon using the creative skills for a writer. It is also a place where students can come to share their insights on politics, life and social issue.

This club also encourages dramatic presentation by students in the form of skills, mime, plays etc. It helps students to improve their communication skills in English as well as the Hindi through the use of improvisation.